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 Thank you for trusting us to care for your loved ones


I highly recommend this home to send your loved ones to. I am still kind of new here being here for 6 months. This is a home away from your real home but your loved ones will have a new family here. Everyone is treated like family, even among us residents. We will celebrate your birthday and have activities to keep your mind working. Making friends can be easy. This is not like a regular nursing home. You have the privacy of your own room with a shower and a small kitchen area. You also have no bills other than your rent. They take care of everything. I retired from a nursing home 15 years ago. seen many very bad homes, some of them were shut down. This place has got to be the best in the state. Believe me whatever the cost, it is worth it. I am the youngest person here at age 70. I plan on staying for the next 20 years. This place can make you feel appreciated and loved.

John Wright (December 2021)

Dear Sisters,
Once again, Margaret’s family just wanted to express our sincere thanks for the God-driven professionalism and care you provided to Margaret Kistler during her final years. You have clearly and lovingly fulfilled your mission as related to Margaret. We could not have asked for more. 
From orchestrating festive holiday parades to providing games during the day, and tasty home-cooked meals while attending to their spiritual and personal needs (her hair never looked better), and even sneaking out for the occasional visit to the Dairy Queen, you offered to your residents the “normally” of everyday life to those wanting to stay engaged with life. We were particularly taken by the quality of the staff in terms of professional competency and loving engagement with the residents. I don’t know how you have been able to identify and bring such good people to work at Antonine Village. I have no doubt that is ever a challenge. But you have met it well.
Your residents are particularly fortunate to live under your spiritual aura. It is reflected in how you lovingly attend to their needs, on many levels. May you continue to offer this important and vital service to the senior citizens in your region. We have been fortunate to have counted Margaret as among your fortunate residents.
May God bless you all, as you reflect on Christ’s birth during the Christmas Season. We hope to visit you again when we are in the area. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Margaret Kistler Family

​​Dear sisters,

We want to thank and commend you, sisters, caregivers, and volunteers for the exceptional daily care provided to our loved ones and all the other residents at Antonine Village.

Your leadership in interacting, singing, exercising, etc... is outstanding. Also, it is contagious guiding other caregivers on the path to follow in caring for the residents. Thank you.

Tom & Lori Reese

I could not find a better place to live that offers what our Antonine nuns do, compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience, and much more, all sealed with love.

Maureen Crawford

Dear Antonine Sisters,

Our family would like to express our great gratitude to you for providing such a beautiful and caring home for Elwood for the last 8 months of his life on earth. We truly count it a rich blessing from God to have found Antonine Village and to have had the peace of mind and heart. Elwood was not only getting excellent physical care but kindness and love shown by each day 24/7. He was extremely proud and humbled to be at Antonine Village as he often told family and friends "I never thought I would be in a beautiful place like this".

Thank you so much for the compassionate service you provided for our family when needed it most. with our thanks and love.

The family of Elwood Stone

 We want to thank you so much for caring and being a part of mom's life. I know she loved you and enjoyed her time there at times she called it her job. She said she entertained.


Tom & Tamie Ezzo

We are so grateful for the wonderful care that you trusted our mother with these past 2 years. Please know that everything you do is a gift to our wonderful family members. God bless all of you. 

The O'Connor family

Thank you for hosting the family Thanksgiving event on November 17th, 2018. We all enjoyed ourselves. Mr. Abraham was a good entertainer and the food was delicious! We had a nice time visiting with some of the other families also. We know that many hours of planning and preparation went into that gathering and we wanted you to know how much we appreciated it.

Craig and Anita Carson, Youngstown, Ohio 

Our sons recommended that we find a senior living facility because they were concerned about our balance and memory.  They picked out five possible facilities and we toured them.  At three of them, I knew right away that we wouldn’t want to live there.  That left the Antonine Village and one other facility.  We chose Antonine Village because it was closer to our sons.  We could not be happier with our decision.  The Antonine Village was cleaner and newer than any of the other places we looked at.  We’re in assisted living and we were able to bring our own bedroom furniture.  If we had wanted to bring a car we could have had a space in the garage as well.
Dan King, North Jackson, Ohio

Everyone has been so nice and friendly; we couldn’t ask for better company.  The staff couldn’t treat us any better.  When I had dental work, they went out of their way to make something I could eat.  We’re not Catholic, but that hasn’t made a difference to anyone here.  We go to our own church every week and our minister has visited us here.  Everyone has been wonderful.

Shirley King, North Jackson, Ohio

My mother, Susan Foor, began attending the Antonine Sisters Adult Day Care in August 2009. She started with two days per week and increased to three and then five days as her need for care increased. She loved it. The program is wonderful, and the caring showed and support given to the participants is exceptional. In the summer of 2014, the need for assisted living was becoming apparent. I knew the Sisters were building an assisted living/memory care facility, and I also visited two other area facilities. We choose to wait for Antonine Village to be completed. Mom moved in at the beginning of November (after two respite visits) and has settled right in. The Sisters and staff are awesome. They have made Mom feel at home as well as making us feel at home when we visit. The care she receives, the food, the activities — everything is exceptional. They have a wonderful connection with the folks who live there. This was the best choice for mom, and best of all she is happy here.
Ellen Hall, Hubbard, Ohio

Before I came to the Antonine Village, I was living in a different assisted living facility in the area.  However, it was more like a nursing home and I wanted a place where I could be more independent.  At the Antonine Village, the staff will help you if you need it, but you have the opportunity to do things on your own, too.  I think it’s important to keep active.  Today we did yoga.  Last week we toured the Haus Orchard and Cider Mill in Canfield and earlier this month we participated in the Area Agency on Aging’s walk-a-thon at the Eastwood Mall and in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at YSU.  Before I decided to move to the Antonine Village, I attended one of the open houses here.  I fell in love with the beautiful chapel.  The country setting is very peaceful and sometimes I see deer from my window.  The atmosphere is very home-like and it’s like a family with the staff and the other residents.  I’ve recommended the Antonine Village to two friends.

Susan Reese

My mom [Norma Geist] has been living with us for seven years and had been home alone all day when we noticed that she wasn’t eating and doing other things she needed to. So, we decided to look for a place where she could be more active. She goes to the Sisters’ Day Care three days a week and those are her best days. The place is spotless, the Sisters and staff are very caring and patient, and they feed them hot meals every day. We think the world of the place and brag about them all the time to others who might need their services.

Diane Crawford, Newton Falls, Ohio

We checked out other facilities for my mother [Nora Blue], but the Sisters are the best at treating people so well and attending to their needs. There are many activities going on there for my mother to participate in and they have holiday parties for the families to attend. My mother really likes the socialization and activities. The transportation works out well. Bill, who drives the van, is great and takes the time to help her get in and out of the van and never complains. The Sisters are very kind, caring and patient with the adults at the Day Care facilities.
Pat Smith, Warren, Ohio

The Sisters have a wonderful connection with the elderly who come to the Day Care. My dad [John Waldorf] went there every day for almost a year and it really gave us a peace of mind knowing that he would be well taken care of and that the Sisters genuinely cared about him. The meals are home cooked, they have Mass and Communion, and one of the Sisters is a registered nurse, so the elderly get medical care, too. We are considering moving my dad into their beautiful new facility [Antonine Village].
Roseanne Winner, Austintown, Ohio

Coming to this place has been life-changing. I used to just sit in my apartment by myself and was so depressed and down on myself. But since I started coming here, I’ve come out of my shell. Everyone is so friendly and nice, the Sisters and staff treat us great, the place is immaculately clean and the homemade food is great. We do different things each day so we don’t get bored and they keep our minds and bodies active. I couldn’t ask for anyone better than the Sisters to help care for us.
Sally Green, McDonald, Ohio

We had been looking for a safe and caring daycare center four our mother [Edna Hinkle]. My sister had heard of the Antonine Sisters and when we toured the facility, we knew we had found it. The center is beautiful, spacious and clean, and the fact that it’s faith-based made our decision an easy one. The Sisters and staff are caring and believe in preserving the dignity of our loved one. Mom enjoys attending every day, and the variety of events and socialization provided gives her the self-confidence she deserves. We are most grateful.
Gail London, Warren, Ohio

We couldn’t ask for a better staff to help care for my father-in-law [Frank Fiorenza]. His dementia had gotten so bad that we needed help because nursing home life wasn’t agreeing with him. The Area on Aging referred us to the Antonine Sisters and he’s been going there weekdays for more than three years. The Sisters and their staff are great people and really know how to care for and love him. The provided transportation is a big help for us. The activities there keep his mind busy and he has a sense of belonging.
Billie Jo Fiorenza, Canfield, Ohio

It was truly a God-send when we found out about The Sisters. My Mom [Irene Papas] went there during the day when we went on vacation about two years ago and she’s been going ever since. Before she started, she would sit in front of the television at home and get depressed. But now she’s made some friends and participates in so many activities at the Day Care. She loves the atmosphere, the activities and how much the Sisters show they care. It’s a wonderful place.

Mary Kay Papas, Niles, Ohio

We are very pleased with the care my mother [Edith Haus] gets at the Antonine Sisters Day Care. She started out going there a couple days a week but will go there every day (Monday through Friday) beginning in January. She really loves the Sisters because they are so nice and really care about her. And she likes that the environment is clean and safe. My mom also enjoys the meals there and that she can get her hair done at their beauty salon. The Day Care gives her a purpose to want to get up every day and go somewhere she enjoys.

Carole Halloran, Boardman, Ohio

The Sisters were recommended to us by the Area Agency on Aging 11 and at first, my husband [Bob Lane] wasn’t crazy about the idea of going there. But after the first two or three times, he kept asking me when he was going back. He really loves it there because they keep him busy playing bingo and cards, instead of just sitting there watching television. I really think going there has slowed the progression of his Alzheimer’s. The place has really been a lifeline for both of us. It has relieved some of my stress and allowed me to have time to get my shopping done, go to appointments or even have lunch with a friend or family member.
Marlene Lane, Warren, Ohio

We looked at other places for her [Elaine P.] to go, but we like that the Sisters Day Care is spiritually based and that there are plenty of other people for her to interact with. They keep her busy when she’s there, which is good for her. The fact that they come pick her up and take her home is huge. I’m really glad they built the new Antonine Village because it shows that they are successful and growing. I don’t have to worry about getting a call from them saying they are going to shut down. Knowing that she’s there every weekday takes a lot of stress off me.
Karen S., Youngstown, Ohio

My daughter wanted me to be around other people instead of sitting at home by myself all day. I love it here – the Sisters are so nice and they let me express my opinion about things and listen to my suggestions for activities and other things. I enjoy socializing with the people who come here and learning about things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I don’t have anything bad to say about the Sisters or this place. It’s a great place to spend time every day.
Angeline Tribby, Hubbard, Ohio