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2675 N Lipkey Rd, North Jackson, OH 44451

A beauty salon is located on-site for the convenience of Day Care participants and Antonine Village residents. Beautician Josephine Carbone is available on Thursdays. For an appointment with Josephine, please call 330-942-1004. Beautician Connie Logozzo is available on Wednesday. For an appointment with Connie, please call 330-770-2544.

Services available include:
Shampoo & Set: $15.00
Haircut: $12.00
Hair Line Trim: $ 5.00
Shampoo/Cut/Set: $30.00
Perm: $50.00 & up*
Hair Color: $35.00 & up*
Hair Color/Cut/Set: $45.00 & up*
Beard & Mustache Trim: $ 5.00

*Depending on length of client’s hair

Payment is expected at the time of service.

Beauty Salon