Assisted living at Antonine Village combines housing, support services, and healthcare as needed.
Our assisted living units represent an ideal housing arrangement for elderly people who are in a transitional stage of aging. Individuals who want to live independently but have difficulty with some daily activities may prefer this option.

The Antonine Sisters strive to meet the social, emotional, cultural, intellectual and spiritual well-being of the residents.

Assisted living units are available in two sizes: 415 square feet and 360 square feet. They consist of a sleeping area and private bathroom.

These units cater the needs of individuals and couples who are beginning to need assistance with activities of daily living, such as, dressing, bathing or toileting, but who do not need full-time nursing care. Three prepared meals per day are included.

Residents bring their own furniture and decorations, making their suites feel just like home.

Our assisted living units come in two sizes — 415 square feet (image at left) and 360 square feet.

Assisted Living

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